Netflix’s Rattlesnake Trailer Conjures an Unthinkable Deal with the Devil

Netflix has dropped the trailer for Rattlesnake. The horror thriller is the latest from 1922 director Zak Hilditch. The story focuses on a single mother accepting the help of a mysterious woman after her daughter is bitten by a rattlesnake. When the bite is magically fixed, she finds herself making an unthinkable deal to repay her debt.

The trailer offers some twists and turns in this tale, which looks very much in the style of Hilditch’s last effort with the streaming platform. Though notably without the killer Mike Patton score.

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Rattlesnake tells the tale of Katrina (Carmen Ejogo), who is a single mother driving cross country to start a new life with her young daughter Clara (Apollonia Pratt) when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. As Katrina changes the tire, Clara wanders off the desert road and is bitten by a venomous rattlesnake. Desperate to save her daughter’s life, Katrina accepts the help of a mysterious woman, but after she miraculously heals Clara, Katrina is asked to repay the good deed by killing a stranger in exchange for the life saved. Without time to lose, she must wrestle with the morality of who deserves to live and who should die, before her daughter’s life is once again put in peril at sundown.

In the Rattlesnake trailer from Netflix, it is revealed that Katrina has seven hours to save her daughter’s life while taking someone’s life at the same time. We also see hints of self-sacrifice, which means there will more than likely be some twists to get away from that idea. Whatever the case may be, the horror thriller looks intense and intriguing as we try to figure out how Katrina will repay her debt. There’s no word on if Australian director Zak Hilditch was inspired by the King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard song “Rattlesnake” for the story.

Zak Hilditch recently sat down to talk about Rattlesnake. The director was excited to take on this story because, “I really love movies that, either the ordinary person doing the extraordinary situation or where you’re just solely within a character point of view.” In addition, the director says he enjoys, taking an “ordinary person who was thrown into an extraordinary situation. I just liked the singular point of view films.” Katrina’s situation is far different than anything we’ve seen from Hilditch before.

Zak Hilditch also compared Rattlesnake to one of his past projects. “My Australian movie was no different, These Final Hours following a guy’s journey on the last day on earth,” says the director. Hilditch likes the idea of having the main character run into supporting characters who help to propel the narrative. The director compares it to peeling back the layers of an onion.

Rattlesnake is a pulse-pounding, psychological horror movie. In addition to directing, Zak Hilditch also wrote it. Carmen Ejogo and Apollonia Pratt lead the cast, which also includes Theo Rossi (Sons of Anarchy) and Emma Greenwell (Shameless). The movie is produced by Ross Dinerstein (1922). The Rattlesnake trailer comes to us from the Netflix YouTube channel.

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