Lost Transmissions Trailer Teams Alexandra Daddario, Simon Pegg and Juno Temple

Simon Pegg and Juno Temple star in the upcoming drama Lost Transmissions, and the official trailer for the movie has been released online by Gravitas Ventures. A new poster for the movie has also been unveiled, featuring a somber-looking Pegg appearing far more serious than most of us are used to seeing the Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz star. Based on true events, the movie looks to feature a compelling story, and you can see what I mean by watching the official trailer below.

Lost Transmissions is the feature directorial debut from experience short filmmaker Katharine O’Brien, who also wrote the screenplay. Its notable cast stars Simon Pegg (Star Trek), Juno Temple (Maleficent), Alexandra Daddario (True Detective), and Tao Okamoto (Westworld). Filip Jan Rymsza produced the project for Royal Road Entertainment alongside Tory Lenosky for Pulse Films, Al Di for Underlying Tension, and Olga Kagan. Craig Newman, Alyssa Swanzey, and Jo Henriquez co-produce, with Thomas Benski, Brian Levy, Bo An, Alan Li, Robert Schwartzman, and O’Brien exec producing.

Inspired by true events, Lost Transmissions tells the story of a respected record producer Theo Ross (Simon Pegg), who has lapsed on his schizophrenia medication and has his friend, shy songwriter Hannah (Juno Temple), really worried about his mental health. As Theo ” outruns his colorful delusions through the glamour and grit of Los Angeles,” Hannah and her friends must chase after him with the goal of having him committed to a psychiatric facility. Essentially, the drama tells the story of the “unsung heroes behind the hits and the inadequacies of our mental health system.”

On the film festival circuit, Lost Transmissions has been getting some great reception with critics and filmgoers alike. It had its world premiere last year at the Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan, where it earned some positive reviews. The Hollywood Reporter critic John DeFore described the movie as a “sympathetic and appropriately downtempo look at a musician’s mental illness” in his official review. Lost Transmissions would find similar success with viewers with additional screenings at film festivals like the American Film Festival and the Whistler Film Festival. Gravitas Ventures wound up picking up the rights in December based on the positive festival reception.

Lost Transmissions will be released on March 13, 2020 in select theaters and on Video on Demand outlets. If you’re interested in the things that happen behind the scenes in the music industry or if you’re intrigued by watching the downward spiral play out of a man heavily afflicted with mental illness, then this will probably be something you’ll want to check out. Fans of Simon Pegg in particular should also have this movie on their radar, as this really looks to be one of the actor’s most interesting roles we’ve seen from him yet. Let’s just hope it turns out as good as the trailer and the abilities of the talent involved are suggesting. The Lost Transmissions official trailer shown above comes to us from Gravitas Ventures on YouTube.

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